Thursday, October 31, 2013

Charge of the Brit Brigade: Act 3, Scene 2

It has come to pass that our dogs really like having babies and our girl busted her way out of the kennel one day and approximately 63 days later we have the cutest puppies ever. Since this kennel busting thing is becoming a problem we are most likely going to be fixing either one of our Brits so this will likely be the last time we will be having any puppies.

The babies are 6 weeks old and ready to go already; tearing up birds and sweetly worming their way into laps and arms of all kinds.

Go on and see the cute...

You know you want to.

They looooooves the cuddles~!

 And sleeping together...

 They're not always asleep.

 Just often.

 And they like harassing Papa.

Or eating birds.

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