Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Brit Brigade (Where are they now?) ~ Bruce the Boss from Lanai

I've been slacking a LOT with the updates but around this time last month (October 5th to be exact) I was on Lana'i for the mouflon hunt and finally got a chance to meet up with Ben who bought a puppy named Bruce from us last year autumn.

Bruce was also known as The Boss and people mistakenly believe he's named after Mr. Springstein. In fact he is actually named after the shark from Jaws. Clever, I know.

Bruce was a bruiser of a little boy when I shipped him out; an escape artist and a little bit of a crier but terribly affectionate with the tiniest of tails. He was about 16+ pounds at 11 weeks old and a solid little guy.

Bruce then...
 Terror of all plantkind...

 So, so terrifying...

Bruce now...

Spoiler alert: He got bigger.

 Full of smiles

 Proud finder of gut piles

 Flusher of birds


 And ready to go at a moment's notice and full of energy

He's very happy and his family which includes 2 rascally little boys loves him so. He loves to chase deer and pheasant and will be going hunting this year.

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