Thursday, November 21, 2013

Brit Brigade: Puppy Parties, Part 2

The last puppy party was (again) a fluffy and smashing success! Miss Emily came to join us that day and it was a wonderful orange and white accented afternoon. We can't wait for the next one!

 Charlie highly enjoys the smelling of the bums of others...

 Everyone enjoys eating Eric's hands...

 Miss Emily just wants to run free!

Ruger's bottom has eyes!
Andy, official Brit wrangler
Charley's favorite spot of ever and his ears that float on
The puppies going nuts
Miss Emily on parade
Miss Emily doing what she does best
The boys are a little too rough for Miss Emma
But her Papa is there for her
He's always trying to steal Hermes away
Boys will be boys
And laps will be chairs for dogs
Hey, over here
Somehow he always gets all the dogs
Charley and Emily have sibling rivalry
Miss Emily, the princess
Big puppies are big
Who let the dogs out? (into the yard)
We did
 Ruger looks so much like Hermes...
And Fiera...

Charley looks so much like Fiera, freckles and all
Hermes finds something very interesting way over there
Over where?
Over here
Way over here

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